Glossar: Hacking von A bis Z


Das amerikanische Online-Magazin vice hat ein schönes, umfangreiches Hacking-Glossar publiziert. Wir bringen hier einen Link zum Originaltext.

Die Autoren schreiben einleitend: „One of the challenges of writing—and reading—about hacking is that it’s a world full of jargon and technical terms. It’s our job as journalists to translate this lingo and make it understandable to the average reader.

Still, accuracy is important and sometimes you have to use the right terms. To help you navigate our stories during our special week on cybersecurity, The Hacks We Can’t See, (and our future and continued coverage of hacking) we thought it’d be good to have a little glossary. – Here it is.“

Das vollständige Glossar gibt es hier:

Und „The Hacks We Can’t See” hier: